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  • Accounts Receivable Consultancy
  • Credit control Training
  • Invoicing
  • Credit & Debt Management
  • Getting Paid On Time without asking for Money
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I provide a unique, end to end solution to credit control, ensuring that every step of the process leads to your invoices being paid on time, every time.

At the beginning of your relationship with your clients I provide you with bespoke terms and conditions, so that you operate professionally and your clients know exactly what to expect.

I help to train you or your team to handle your credit control courteously. Firstly making sure that your invoices are designed to get paid quickly (you would be surprised how many invoices are not!). Secondly ensuring that credit control is an ongoing, friendly conversation with your clients. If you get all of this right, you should never have to chase a debt again!

If you already have invoices which are concerning you, or clients who aren't paying in a timely manner, I offer a full debt collection service - designed to leave you with a friendly and ongoing relationship with the client, whilst leaving my team to ensure your invoice is paid in full.

Furthermore, I understand all aspects of business credit control, including invoice disputes and the small claims court. I am available to speak at business and networking events on what is, I believe, an area which all small businesses could improve on.

About Rachael Chiverton

I am an energetic character with a love for the outdoors, when the weather is fine I enjoy cycling with my husband, raising over £700 for Children in need by cycling 40 miles from Manchester to Liverpool in 2012, as well as spending time in my garden. I have had a flowerbed for years then last year I started growing my own fruit, veg & herbs as well since there is nothing like picking parsley, chopping & cooking with it within 5 minutes.

I play the viola & have done since childhood, my love of music ranges from Classical (playing in KEMS Orchestra where I am also a committee member). We have 5 concerts a year, sometimes as few as 4 weeks apart, the music is challenging but very enjoyable & the society friendly & fun.

I also play the violin, piano, treble recorder and AX1. I have challenged myself to learn the Theremin by next February so I can perform the Dr Who theme tune at a party & when I raise my first invoice for over £500 my husband is going to buy me a laser harp :-)

I also volunteer at Live at Home Macclesfield, they help older socially isolated people become less isolated by holding luncheon clubs, offering a telephone or visiting befriending service and organising pop-up cafés for people to visit. My main volunteering role is to organise transportation to & from the luncheon clubs as well as ensure the clubs have all the relevant paperwork, not forgetting the all important quiz.