Andrea Detchon (The Joy Scientist)

Andrea Detchon
The Joy Scientist

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28th Oct 2013
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  • Happiness Coaching
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Reiki Master, Crystal Healer
  • Lifestyle Improvement
My Company Information Joy and Happiness.

Do more of your mornings start with a groan and moan than a smile and excitment? Do you want to change this?

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About Andrea Detchon

I love helping people see beyond where they are now. Helping and giving permission to them to be happier in their lives. If you are feeling tired, lacking in energy and want to change, I'm the person to call/email.

I love teaching yoga, I love the transformation as people find out about their own body, about what it can do and how it can change. How it can allow you a great night sleep, to feel energised in the morning and throughout the day.

I was born in Newcastle, I love the North East of England, the wilds of Northumberland. I moved south to work, and love the people down here, their thoughts, ideas, acceptance and tea drinking abilities. I've worked in manufacturing businesses making a wide range of products, improving processes, quality systems, databases. I love the seaside and ginger cats. I'm a scientist that loves to understand how things fit together and I'm a hippy energy investigator. I can talk way too much and love to listen. I'm shy to begin with, but once you know me, you'll never believe it. I love to laugh.

If you want to know more, send me an email !