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  • Car leasing,van leasing,vehicle leasing
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  • Car Finance for new starts and poor credit.
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LinkedIn Frog Kissing!  You've heard the phrase "You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince."  It may not be true of romance but it's certainly true in business.  Sales people can spend hours calling the wrong people, leaving messages and, when you do get to the right person, it's rarely the right time.  After all, who has time scheduled for receiving cold calls?  But those very same people, your target market, will look at and accept LinkedIn connection requests from total strangers, the equivalent of giving you their direct line number.  We use LinkedIn to contact your target audience on a large scale and pre-qualify those that actually want to engage with you now.  Yes, we kiss the frogs, leaving you to court the princes - those that want to speak to you.

Cars That Make the Neighbours Jealous, Vans That Do the Business Proud - new & used cars with finance to suit all situations

  • You’d like a car that makes the neighbours jealous and or a van that does the business proud? Whether you have an established business, a start up including those that have yet to trade or are looking as an individual, I can assist.
  • In particular, if you are just starting out in business and need a smart vehicle to promote your brand and give the right impression then please get in touch as a number of our funders will consider new enterprises including, in some cases, businesses yet to trade.
  • We have access to all new cars and vans on sale in the UK and thousands of new and used vans and can find the vehicle to suit your needs, budget and circumstances. These are avaialble to buy or lease on finance.
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