Invite a Friend

Another benefit of Passport membership:

You can earn 30 days FREE membership just by inviting new visitors to 4N meetings.

This means that if you choose to join 4Networking as a Passport member, you have the potential to never pay for your membership again!

For each new visitor you invite along who then goes onto become a Passport member, we will add 30 days to your existing Passport membership.

So, if at least one of your visitors joins each month, your Passport membership days will never run out!

Here's how it works:


If you're a Passport member, you can book new visitors into any meeting. Just choose the relevant meeting page and use the ‘Book a visitor' button.


A booking confirmation email is sent by 4N to your visitor, and you also receive an email confirming the booking.


Your visitor attends a 4N meeting, likes it and joins as a Passport member. 30 days are then added to your current membership days.


Reasons to Invite a Friend

You meet your 'friend' (or prospect you want to meet...) on neutral territory, taking away all the pressure of a first meeting...
Invite a Friend to see you 4Sighting – showcase your expertise, confidence, presentation skills etc.
AND if you're concerned about inviting someone, feel free to get a 4N team member to make the initial approach for you – if the person accepts the invite, it's given back to you to book them in, linking the visitor to you.

Invite a Friend: available to all 4N Passport members.