New to 4N & the self employed world

  26th Sep 2018 - 09:47 26th Sep 2018
Neal Ashwood
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New to 4N & the self employed world

Hi All, 

Just dipping my toes into 4N before I dive right in, however on line reviews look very positive. 

After working for an institution for 29 years I have now set up my own little business, very exciting connecting with lots of old and new contacts, my colleague and I have an ethos of understanding customer needs and ambitions by providing that consultative approach and putting them first. We clearly need to make a living along the way but advocacy is the best source of new business so lets wow our customers. 

Check out my website at who would have thought I would have become a web designer three months ago . Quickly learning that you have to be all things to all men/women and I no longer have IT support or a HR manager to phone, I am sure all of you that are self employed can relate to that. 

As the big banks push smaller businesses in to on line and telephony propositions we want to turn this on its head, these are the exact customers that need a little more support and guidance and thats exactly what we are here to do. 




  26th Sep 2018 - 14:01 26th Sep 2018
Emma Whitney

Hello Neal,


Welcome to 4N, I am new myself.

The meetings are a great way to meet others and they are so welcoming and friendly to newcomers. Good luck with your venture.

Emma Whitney 

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