Various services offered by lettings agents Edinburgh

  26th Sep 2018 - 09:09 26th Sep 2018
Andy Whitway
Umega Letting Agent

Various services offered by lettings agents Edinburgh

When hiring lettings agents in Edinburgh, you must be aware of the different level of services offered by them. This helps you to figure out why are you hiring letting agents in the first place and what services are expected.

Here’s a list of different services offered by lettings agents Edinburgh:

Full property management

In case, landlords don’t want to do the hectic work themselves, they can opt for the full property management service that does all the work for them. Agents do all the marketing work for a property, manage all legal requirements, handle tenant application and selection; manage all tenancy documents; look after property visits, and also manage repairs and compliance.

Portfolio management

If landlords have more than one property, they might be in need of similar services but with more consistency across all the properties. You need to make the agent aware of all your properties in the initial stages of your inquiry and what services are you expecting. In this case, you may even get some advance like agencies may reduce their fees for you.

Self-managed services

Some landlords like to manage most services on their own but want to hire agents for other services that they can’t handle. For instance, the marketing of a property, tenancy paperwork and documentation, and tenant application and selection process.

Marketing only services

As the name indicates, only marketing services are offered to the landlords who want to advertise their property for sale. This service includes marketing of property through pictures, as well as property description and view of floor plans via a video conferencing.


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