'Complex' eCommerce Website

  12th Mar 2015 - 12:16 12th Mar 2015
Jay Lucas
The Red Clothing Com...

'Complex' eCommerce Website

Dear 4Ners,

I need your help/expertise/guidance please...

I am in the heady throngs of setting up a new online business and appear to have come up with the most complex structure for a website known to man.

It will be selling uniquely branded/bespoke clothing, so the main part of the site needs to be a 'designer' section where customers can chose from the options available to them and these options are then displayed as they create their item.

i.e. Chose a t-shirt - chose a colour - chose an image/logo/brand - customise chosen image/logo/brand with colours, fonts, size, location - see finished article (and each step along the way).

The website then needs to be able to export the create item in .EMB, .DST, .DSB or .EXP formats, so as to be made correctly.

I have been advised by one company to 'find' a custom clothing software application (off the shelf) for which the licence can be purchased to embed/bolt on to my site. This obvoiusly may be a much more cost-effective solution, but I wouldn't know where to start looking or what exactly to look for. It needs to be able to take my options of course...

I hope this makes enough sense to those that can help and hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks in anticipation,


  12th Mar 2015 - 12:41 12th Mar 2015
Lee Rickler
Point and Stare

Hi Jay.

You've a few solutions depending on your current platform and your developer skillset.

Off the shelf kit can be something like this or this but I've never used either.
If it was WordPress based, you can invest in using something like WooCommerce and buy this add-on or even go this route.

What you're asking can be done, depending on various factors.

  12th Mar 2015 - 12:49 12th Mar 2015
Gareth Gillman
Gareth Gillman Websi...

Hi Jay

like Lee said, most off the shelf ecommerce systems will have something that will do what you want, my recommended platform for ecommerce sites is opencart which they have a few modules that do what you want.

Your first step would be to decide which platform that you want to use (test them all for ease of use, ease of development and expandability, will it be good enough in 6, 12 and 24 months). Once you have a platform then look at the modules to add the functionality you need

  12th Mar 2015 - 15:21 12th Mar 2015
Barry Fitzpatrick
Buzzworks Card Servi...


I am appy to discuss the payment gateway and Merchant Accounts requirement with you.


  13th Mar 2015 - 09:52 13th Mar 2015
Gary Porter
Aire Valley Computer...


for any 'off the shelf' products I would strongly suggest asking for a list of at least three reference sites and then taking the time to talk to the owners and the developers. You can understand so much more by talking to the people who have actually had to pay for or develop with the software.

Good luck


  13th Mar 2015 - 11:19 13th Mar 2015
Paul OrangeTree
OrangeTree Online

Jay  - your website structural requirements are, in fact, standard within your sector, and most Ecommerce platforms can deliver them.  The key is in the data structures, so I am told by the technical people.

When we were setting up Soleheaven, the website company (a large, leading website company) never got the data structures tight.  Obviously, we are happy with them now, as the system we use is our own. It does exactly what we want.

The main challenges we faced were not, in fact, these kinds of things, but handling traffic volumes that could run into 100's of thousands of users in a one hour period at product launches. This too, is solved with our current arrangements.

  13th Mar 2015 - 13:01 13th Mar 2015
Arturo Ottengo
it'seeze Websites

Hi Jay,

Take a look at what it'seeze have to offer here. Good experience in e-commerce.

If you have any questions let me know.

Best wishes

  13th Mar 2015 - 13:55 13th Mar 2015
Andre Knight
Build Me A Shop

Hi Jay

From your requirement it looks like you could use the www.designnbuy.com solution mentioned in an earlier reply along with our hosted MAGENTO solution to give you everything you need!

If you have any more questions, just call me on 01420 446523.

All the best

Andre Knight

  18th Mar 2015 - 14:25 18th Mar 2015
Tracy Muir
Digital Spotlight Ltd

To ben honest having worked with designer clothing brands in the past what you are looking for is in fact a bespoke solution. Whilst you will be able to get the E-Commerce and even the product database in OTS formats I doubt you will find it the bespoke clothing design aspect of the business.

Give me a shout if you want to talk through the practicalities of what you are looking for, what you want to acheive and we should be able to give you some ideas.

Best Regards
0791 391 0820

  13th Mar 2019 - 08:26 13th Mar 2019
Pratik Shah
Brush Your Ideas

You have your own online store? I think Brush Your Ideas will help you. Brush Your Ideas provides a wide range of custom solutions to integrate W2P designer tools and scale your web store. They also provide a product design tool for any product like t-shirt, mug, gifts etc...Their Web-to-Print Solutions equip you with all the features that are imperative to manage the backend of your print store.

  15th Apr 2019 - 10:33 15th Apr 2019
Melony stubbs

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