Date: 10th Sep 2018

Hello 4Ners! With autumn now fast approaching, let’s take a look at what’s coming up this month.


New group launches

Our Launch Season in July and August has been a great success, with a record number of great new 4Networking groups up and running – many thanks to all the teams on the ground for their energy and commitment in making these launches such a success, and welcome to all the new members of those groups.

The momentum is carrying on in September with even more new breakfast, lunch and evening groups starting up this month. On this forum post you can see the list of 25 upcoming group launches scheduled at present for September and October. 

If there isn’t a group near you, then why not speak to your 4N Regional Leader about getting involved with setting up a new group?

The Business Networking Show 2018

TBNS 2018 is at the end of this month, being held at Wolverhampton Racecourse on Friday 28th September, and this year 4Networking are proud to be the Main Show Sponsor. If you’re interested in exhibiting or attending, find out more on the TBNS website. Look out for placemats at 4N meetings, giving you full info on the fantastic line-up of keynote speakers.

We have a couple of seminar slots, with some top tips to help you prepare for a meeting, how to craft your introduction to the room, creating the right conditions for people to say yes and the value of following up after every meeting. I’d love to see you there and share how to get the most out of your networking experience. We’ll also have a friendly team on hand on the 4N stand to answer any questions you may have.
We’re at a few other regional shows this month too – check out the list here and see if there’s a show near you.

August Attendance Promo Winners

Networking doesn’t stop over the summer and we ran a brand new promo in August to encourage you to make the most of your passport membership and attend as many meetings as you could.

In the national competition, we’re pleased to announce that Maurice Kelly in Jen Hinds’ region was the winner of 90 days’ free membership, for attending a whopping 28 meetings in August! In second place and winning 60 free days was Lauren Brown (James Chisholm’s region) who attended 23 meetings and in third place was Area Leader Mukesh Savani (Karen Gee’s region), winning 30 free days by attending 21 meetings.
We also had a number of regional winners who all won 30 days’ free membership:

Rick Notley (19 meetings, Duncan Jay's Region)
Andrew Davies (19 meetings, Martin Knapp's Region)
John Weltz (15 meetings, Frank Harris Region)
John E Parry (15 meetings, James Chisholm's Region)
Linda Clarke (15 meetings, Mark Tomlinson's Region)
Victoria Brittain (15 meetings, Sheena Whyatt's Region)
Joel Zimelstern (14 meetings, Karen Gee's Region)
David Skinner (12 meetings, Caroline A-J's Region)
Bob Brown (12 meetings, Caroline A-J's Region)
Toby Acton (12 meetings, Chris Ives Region)
Mark Fay (12 meetings, Gordon Hewett's Region)
Mark Harrison (12 meetings, Terry Dorr's Region)

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this promo and thanks for making this a success and contributed to some really great meetings around the country.

If you see something, say something

4Networking is an incredibly diverse and dynamic organisation, with members from all walks of life. As members, you have the right to network in a safe and sane environment. We take our responsibility to provide that environment seriously.

If you see anything at a 4N event that you feel is inappropriate (including content, hate speech, intolerance, or health and safety issues) report it. Any member of the network can report concerns to supportdesk@4Networking.biz. Your email will be responded to within 2 business days, and tracked until appropriate follow up action is taken.

We have just published our Networking Code of Conduct, which provides detailed guidelines on the safe and respectful conduct we expect at meetings and online, so please take a few minutes to read this.

Online Community Update

The Facebook Community truly has become the online home of the 50% social side of 4N – and with over 26,000 members it’s easy to see why! So first, a huge thank you to every poster, commenter, reader and liker who helps to bring that community to life.

As for the 50% business side of 4N – that’s something we’ve spent a lot of time discussing and testing.

The biggest debate was around LinkedIn and whether launching a group there would work – and given the number of requests we received for one, we launched a small group to test the water. Six months later, it’s fair to say that our worst fears were confirmed – despite the best efforts of the 4Ners who took to the group, LinkedIn just isn’t the right platform for building the online “business side” of 4N.

Which brings me on to…

The NEW 4Networking website!

This all-new 4N website gives you great new ways to network online and to raise your business profile. It’s been a long time in development, but we’re excited about what it will give you:

  • Quicker and easier to register: New visitors to the site can use their existing social media login info to register.
  • Easier to login: Even if you’ve registered ‘manually’, you can then add your existing social media login details (Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter) to use as your username/password combination. One less password to remember!
  • Marketplace: This is a new online space where you can use a Promoting post to advertise your services to the 4N community or a Looking4 post to find the services you need for your business.
  • Your Dashboard is your networking hub: Each member now has a 'My Dashboard' page. This includes a Timeline, where you can see all your own upcoming 4N activity + updates and info from 4N’s social media feeds + updates from 4N Groups and Members you choose to follow.
  • Active online networking with other members: By choosing to Follow other members, you’ll now see a stream of updates about those people: for example, you’ll see meetings they’ve just booked into, where they are 4Sighting; their Marketplace posts. All this makes it easier for you to network and collaborate with people you choose.   
  • Stay connected with your favourite 4N groups: As well as each meeting page having more info about its group, you can now Follow a Group to keep up-to-date with all their developments ie new 4Sighters added, change of venue etc.
  • Mobile-friendly site:  This new site has been built with mobile use totally integrated into its design.
  • Earn Invite a Friend FREE membership days straightaway: Now, if you’re a Passport member, for each new first-time visitor you invite who then simply attends a 4Networking meeting, we’ll add 5 days to your Passport membership, so you’ll want to get inviting!
  • Your new Profile page: Improved page, with the facility to include more engaging information about you and your business.
  • Clearer membership durations: Passport membership options now shown in months instead of days: 3-month, 6-month and 12-month duration, with bonus periods available.
  • Online Unlimited membership: A new option, giving you online networking access and privileges beyond basic free online membership. Ideal for people who find it difficult to commit to in-the-room networking but who want to tap into the huge online 4N Community. Available for £14.99+VAT per month. 
  • More info on networking and 4Networking: On the site, we answer questions such as Why Go Networking?; Why Choose 4Networking?; Why Try a 4Networking Meeting?; and Why become a Passport Member? 
  • More advice and tips from 4Ners: The latest 4NTV Live 4Sights from 4Networking members are all available on the site, plus articles and videos on every aspect of developing a business and improving the effectiveness of your networking.
  • Find meetings and members: It's now even easier to find the 4N meetings and 4N members you need.
  • Enhanced chat facility: Easier to connect with members and build your own online network.
  • Easier to run and develop 4N groups: If you're a 4N group team member or run an Area or Region for 4N, the whole admin area now gives you more helpful information + is far easier to use on a mobile or tablet.

You can see an exclusive preview of the new website just before it launches, at a special seminar at TBNS.

Keep in touch

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – and be sure to join the conversation in our Passport Members Only LinkedIn Group and our much more “social” (and almost anything goes) Facebook Community.
And as ever, if you have some good news or someone you’d like me to give a shout out to - drop me an email jason@4networking.biz.

I’ll see you in the network soon!

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